Christine Tanner

I am a Psychologist and therapist who has trained in several therapeutic approaches. I have a degree and two post graduate degrees in psychology as well as specialised training and research background. I have worked across many health and work settings in Bedfordshire and London for the last ten years.

I also have experience in physical illnesses and their connection with mental wellbeing. Part of my work has also been training and coaching health professionals and teams in how best to help their patients as well as how they work with each other.

I met with Chris when I made a decision to make some changes to my life. I’d felt miserable, not being in control and felt like a zombie. My anxiety was getting out of control and affecting my home-life and work. Chris was highly recommended to me, but I was very nervous about going to my initial meeting. She immediately put me at my ease and I was impressed by how she could get to the ‘knots’ of the problems so insightfully.
— J.D.
I built up a relationship with Chris over our sessions together, which I personally feel is vital. If I didn’t have that trust with Chris I may not have disclosed half the thoughts and issues I was having, which would have set me back. I would 100% recommend Chris if you feel you are struggling with any type of mental health problems or just need someone to talk to. With her help, I am now able to do things which previously I shied away from
— L.G.